Annual Performance

The WCDA will hold its annual recital at the closing of the season. The recital is the culmination of your child’s achievements that is enjoyed by family and friends. Participation in this memorable event is popular, however optional.

It is not mandatory that a student participate in the performance. Please notify the office if a student will NOT be participating in the performance by December 1st.

Annual performance, mid – May.

Costume payments are conveniently split into two payments, a deposit due in December and balance due in March.
All costumes will come complete with tights and accessories.

Combo students, age (5-7) enrolled in combo (ballet & tap) or tri-combo (ballet, tap & jazz) classes, will only perform ONE routine in the show at the discretion of the teaching staff. Therefore, only one costume will be charged.

Measurements will be taken in the winter, with consideration for growth, and costumes will be distributed in April.

The WCDA will hold its annual recital at the closing of the season. Tickets for the annual performance will be available in March/April.

From our Parents

She had a great time! Rehearsals were Organized, the chaperones were Helpful, and the actual recital was a pleasure to watch.

– Lauren M., Concord

The performance was the most Amazing dance recital I have EVER been to. My husband and I kept looking at each other saying is this a kids dance recital or a Broadway Show?
It was truly Spectacular.”

– Kim H., Concord

I’ve been attending dance recitals for about 60 years….This was my third year attending WCDA’s recital.
Best Ever Recitals! This year – just spectacular. These kids can dance! You do an amazing job on all counts!

– Shirley O., grandparent

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