At West Concord Dance Academy, we create a sense of family and community at the studio. With a user-friendly and approachable staff, focus on organization, and down-to-earth realistic approach, WCDA prides itself on being a “word-of-mouth” school.

Here's what our parents have to say about their experience at WCDA:

As a parent I am So Pleased with how my daughter was treated and trained during the year. We have loved the teacher’s instruction and high standards as my daughter continues her  Enjoyment of dance!
– Chris H., Acton

I’ve been attending dance recitals for about 60 years….This was my third year attending WCDA’s recital.
Best Ever Recitals! This year – just spectacular. These kids can dance! You do an amazing job on all counts!

– Shirley O., grandparent

There are no words to adequately Thank You for the tremendous effort and work you put in every year.  Another triumph!! We’re so Proud to be a part of the WCDA family!!

– Claudine T., Bedford

My daughter looked forward to class every day, and I Loved seeing her So Excited after every class – even when she was exhausted!

– Megan B., Acton

The performance was the most Amazing dance recital I have EVER been to. My husband and I kept looking at each other saying is this a kids dance recital or a Broadway Show?
It was truly Spectacular.”

– Kim H., Concord

She had a great time! Rehearsals were Organized, the chaperones were Helpful, and the actual recital was a pleasure to watch.

– Lauren M., Concord

Here's what WCDA parents have to say:

“Trust me, WCDA  has
Made an Impression  on my daughter.  She loved the dance and was Super Excited to Perform!

As her family, we couldn’t be
More Proud of her.”

– First year Parent of 8 year old

“This year has been a Gift   because you were able to allow these kids to do what they love – dance.
I Never Worried  about dropping her off, I knew she was in a safe place, not just because of the sanitizing, but because of WCDA’s way of making her
Feel at Home at the studio.”

– Parent of 12 year old

“Thank You  so much for all you do, I am so grateful as are my girls.They Love Everyone at the studio.  

In a year when they needed you more than ever, 
You Were All There for Them. I am in awe of all of you.”

– Parent of 3 dancers

“The studio worked hard to make Every Possible change so that dancers could be in-studio – it did not go unnoticed.  Thank you for making me
100% Comfortable
making the switch to in-person classes, and responding to ALL my emails!

My daughter had So Much Fun this year and took so much pride in giving it her all!

– Parent of 8 year old

“Performance weekend was so uplifting, So Well Executed, so professional – and incredibly Entertaining!
The dancers were all amazing, and we really enjoyed watching each and every routine.
It was a Joy  to attend, and a joy for my daughter to dance – she had a Great Time!”
– First year Parent of 15 year old

“I want to express my
 Gratitude  for the amazing recital WCDA was able to put on in this challenging time.
This whole year, it’s been  Impressive how WCDA could provide the kids such a needed in-person,
Rewarding Experience, 
and the recital was really the icing on the cake!”

– Parent of company dancer

Professional and certified staff
recognized by national dance organizations