General Information

Professional Facilities
The WCDA offers 3 professional studios with Marley covered sprung floors, 2 bathroom facilities and 2 access doors – one for entry and one for exiting.

Health & Safety
WCDA is always appreciative to have such strong support from our families, and we take pride in the trust we have built together for 45 years.  We strive to create a safe and welcoming environment for your children.

WCDA has considered and created protocols for arrival and departure and increased our overall cleaning and sanitization of our facility.  WCDA has invested in technology for each dance room, industrial grade cleaning equipment, and CDC recommended cleaning products and HEPA air filtration to provide a safe dance environment.   

Cleaning protocol
All floors and surfaces will be disinfected daily with industrial grade equipment and CDC recommended products.  Bathrooms and high touch areas (hand railings, door knobs, etc.) are cleaned and sanitized daily.

Drop Off & Pickup Procedure

PRESCHOOL & COMBO (ages 3-5)
Drop Off & Pick Up 
Preschool and Combo dancers may have their parent/guardian bring the dancer to the waiting room for drop-off and pick up.

TRI-COMBO (ages 6 1/2 ) AND UP
Drop Off & Pickup Procedure
Dancers may enter the building with or without a parent/guardian and proceed to the waiting room prior to class.  All dancers will and will enter through the pink door on the loading dock.  For departure, WCDA staff will guide dancers to exit and wait for their parent to pick up in the outdoor pickup line (our backstairs).  Enter and exit signs will be visible.  See the Drop Off & Pickup map for details.

Waiting Room
Our Studio Office, Waiting Room, Dressing Room and Restrooms are open.  We ask that parents/guardians and siblings remain in the waiting room, not in the dance rooms, during class.  Please have an appropriate volume, as classes are in session. 

If you need to contact our studio office,  email is the easiest and quickest way to be in touch.  You can also call or stop into the office during studio hours.  

Restrooms are for dancers and staff, and can be used by guests in the waiting room.  Please remove any shoes to keep the dance floors clean for the dancers, and be mindful if walking through a classroom.  

WCDA is located at 20 Beharrell Street., West Concord, MA on the third floor, between the West Concord Post Office and the train station.

There is ample parking adjacent to our building and in the municipal parking lot located directly beside the WCDA. Please respect parking areas not available to WCDA.

Student/Parent Handbook
Handbooks will be issued containing important details about our program. Keep these for reference throughout the season.

Monthly Newsletter
Each month an important newsletter will be emailed.

Make-Up Lessons
Make-Up classes are available, check with WCDA office for times and login info. Make-Up classes are not mandatory but must be redeemed within 30 days of absence.

Calendar September-May/June
(dance year)
The dance calendar for students is similar to the public school schedule, with most holidays and school vacations off. Holiday closings will are posted on the Dance Calendar.

Annual Performance

  • WCDA has a user-friendly and realistic approach to the spring performance. 
  • Participation in the performance is not mandatory, but this is the part most students look forward to most!
  • WCDA will keep you informed during our season!

Class Placement
WCDA is committed to finding the proper class placement for your dancer to grow and learn. If you have any questions on the proper class placement contact the studio office.

The WCDA welcomes transfer students and encourages dancers with extensive experience to contact the studio for a proper class placement. The directors and staff will help make this transition a smooth experience for the dancer and parent.