West Concord Dance Academy

WCDA is always appreciative to have such strong support from our families, and we take pride in the trust we have built together for 42 years. This year is no exception, and we strive to create a safe and welcoming environment for your children.

In order to provide a safe place for our dancers, their families, and our employees, WCDA is strictly adhering to all safety practices and protocols put forth by the State as they relate to COVID-19.

WCDA has considered and created protocols for arrival and departure, increased our overall cleaning and sanitization of our facility, and implemented policies and procedures to accommodate to COVID protocols. WCDA has invested in technology for each dance room, industrial grade cleaning equipment, and CDC recommended cleaning products and HEPA air filtration to provide a safe dance environment.

West Concord Dance Academy will closely monitor all policy updates and changes made by state and/or local authorities and will adjust accordingly throughout the season. After all, dancers are known for their flexibility!

West Concord Dance Academy

Below are policies for 2020-2021 and will be updated for the upcoming season. Many policies and practices will remain in place for the 2021-2022 season.



Attend Class from Home

We now have the capability to Zoom all of our classes!  If a dancer is not able to attend class, she can participate live via Zoom and not miss her teacher and classmates! You can also register to take classes exclusively via Zoom, and still feel like you are a part of the dance class! WCDA has invested in high-quality cameras and equipment to make your virtual dance class an enjoyable experience.


Required Inside & Outside facility

Dancers and spectators must wear a face mask inside and outside the facility and must maintain 6ft social distance from other dancers, etc. at all times. Masks must cover nose and mouth entirely. Face shields can be worn in addition to, but not as a replacement for a mask.


Daily & Hourly Protocols

WCDA is using all products recommended by the CDC and is implementing daily disinfecting procedures along with hourly staff cleaning procedures between each and every class. WCDA has large windows in each dance room and is equipped with True HEPA air purifiers with UV to filter the air.


Facility Not Accessible

Our Studio Office, Waiting Room, Dressing Room and Restrooms are closed to all parents, siblings, guests and visitors. All transactions will be contactless. If you need to contact our studio office, you must communicate via email. (While the phone is still an option, email is the quickest and easiest way to communicate about your account.)


Water Only

Students may bring 1 water bottle, clearly marked with their first and last name. All other food or drink is not permitted in the facility.


Disinfected Between Each Class

Restrooms are for dancers and staff only. Individual bathrooms will be disinfected by our staff in between each class. Studios will be assigned to specific restrooms to help prevent cross contamination. Both restrooms will be supplied with antibacterial soap, and dancers will be required to wash hands thoroughly before returning to class.


PRESCHOOL & COMBO (ages 3-5)

Drop Off & Pick Up w/Companion

Preschool and Combo dancers may have 1 parent/guardian per family for drop-off and pick up purposes only to escort their dancer in and out of the facility. This companion must wear a face mask inside and outside the facility, maintain 6 ft. social distance from other parents and dancers, and sign in for tracking purposes. Companions are asked not to wait inside the building during class, and may not congregate inside or outside the facility.

(ages 6½ and up)

One Way Entry & Exit

Dancers only will be greeted and guided by WCDA staff for all Pickup and Drop Offs. All dancers will and will enter through the pink door on the loading dock. For departure, WCDA staff will guide dancers to exit and wait for their parent to pick up at the Minuteman Printing main door (our backstairs). Enter and exit signs will be visible. See the Pickup & Drop Off map for details (coming soon).

Parents, guardians, visitors, siblings and guests for dancers in Tri-Combo and older are not permitted inside the facility. All non-dancers must wear a face covering outside of our facility while maintaining 6 ft. social distance during drop off and pick up, and may not congregate in the parking lot.



Dancers can Zoom from Home

Students and parents must attest to a daily health questionnaire regarding fever, flu-like and COVID-19 symptoms, known exposure and/or travel. If your dancer is showing any symptoms, they are not allowed in the facility, but can participate virtually from home. See Daily Health Questionnaire document for additional details (coming soon).


At Entry and Exit of Facility

Students will be provided with and required to use hand sanitizer at entry and exit of the facility. Touch-free stations will be at the entry and exit of the facility. Additional touch- free sanitizing stations will be located in each dance room.


One-way Entrance & Exit

WCDA is utilizing our emergency exits to provide a one-way entry and exit to the
parking lot. See the Pickup & Drop Off map for details (coming soon).
The waiting room and dressing room are closed. Students are permitted to leave their assigned studio to use the restroom only. Dancers must arrive at the facility in dance clothes, ready for class.


Limited Capacity & Socially Distant

Class sizes are limited. Dance studios have been marked for social distancing. Dancers will be at least 6 ft. apart at all times.


Daily & hourly protocols

WCDA is using all products recommended by the CDC and is implementing daily disinfecting procedures along with hourly staff cleaning procedures between each and every class. WCDA has large windows in each dance room and is equipped with True HEPA air purifiers with UV to filter the air.


Built in time to transition

WCDA has built-in time between class changes to ensure time for cleaning, sanitizing, disinfecting, air exchange and socially distant entry and exit. Arrival and departure times must be prompt in order to be effective in maintaining protocols. The first 5 minutes of each class will be designated for arrival, and the last 5 minutes for departure.


Revised & Contact-Free

Class curriculum has been revised to be contact-free with no hand holding, prop sharing, high fives etc.


Required Inside & Outside facility

Face masks are required for all staff, students and helpers inside and outside of the facility and during all dance activities. Masks must have cover nose and mouth entirely. Dancers will be given regular, monitored water breaks while social distancing in dance class.


Extremely Limited Use

Ballet barres and other equipment will be used on a very limited basis. Any individually assigned studio-provided equipment will be cleaned, sanitized and disinfected between each use.