Inspiring dancers for 40 years! 

At West Concord Dance Academy, we create a sense of family and community at the studio. With a user-friendly and approachable staff, focus on organization, and down-to-earth realistic approach, WCDA prides itself on being a "word-of-mouth" school.

Here's what our parents have to say:
- Megan B., Acton
"The performance was the most AMAZING dance recital I have EVER been to. My husband and I kept looking at each other saying is this a kids dance recital or a Broadway Show? It was truly spectacular."
- Kim H., Concord
"My daughter looked forward to class every day, and I loved seeing her so excited after every class - even when she was exhausted!"
- Lauren M., Concord
"She had a great time! Rehearsals were organized, the chaperones were helpful, and the actual recital was a pleasure to watch."
"I've been attending dance recitals for about 60 years....This was my third year attending WCDA's recital. Best Ever Recitals! This year - just spectacular. These kids can dance! You do an amazing job on all counts!
- Shirley O., grandparent
"As a parent I am so pleased with how my daughter was treated and trained during the year. We have loved the teacher’s instruction and high standards as my daughter continues her enjoyment of dance!"
- Chris H., Acton
"There are no words to adequately thank you for the tremendous effort and work you put in every year. Another triumph!! We're so proud to be a part of the WCDA family!!"
- Claudine T., Bedford